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About Us

Spotless Team has been operating in Central and North West London since 2010 and enjoys a superb reputation for quality and reliability. Starting out solely as a window cleaning service provider we realised that many of our customers wanted one contractor they could trust for all their glass needs and property cleaning maintenance and as they say - the rest is history.

Starting from humble beginnings and a passion for keeping things clean and tidy, this business developed from a passionate desire to start a business and render value to the community. The challenge was to find the right business and the right team with similar work ethics and a dedication to a level of excellence and professionalism,  to truly make it successful.

As Spotless Team is now in operation for its 10th year is self evident that the right team was put together and still till today render an excellent service to its customers.

Meat the Team


As founder and owner of Spotless Team, Gabor shows the way for his team to excel. As he says himself, "There is no compromise to excellence" and it stands out in every job that the team does. He makes it his business to educate himself (and his team) and attend the highest levels of training in each respective field of expertise, to ensure that he can lead and train his team to render the levels of service that Spotless Team are known for.

Knowing many of his large number of customers personally, he still believes in the personal approach and ensures that every detail is given the required attention and that the customer's request is given the highest priority.

Gabor believes on being "Hands on" and will regularly be seen alongside his team putting in the work to ensure that he stays on top of his game and help as many of his team as he can.


Attila is supervisor for a reason! He knows all the tricks of the trade, the areas we cover and most of our customers. Making sure that every job we do is done professionally, safely and to the highest possible standard. 


Frank is a great conversationalist! His cleaning skills are top notch and any queries or questions you have will be well explained! 


Janos is not only a great and experienced cleaning technician but also a professional musician. He knows that it's all about the details.