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Carpet cleaning

Are dirty carpets detracting from the appeal of your home, office or shop? Every home or office has that carpet, that no matter how many times its gets vacuumed it never really looks clean.


What is the objective of carpet cleaning? Its main aim is to remove dirt and soil as effectively as possible with no damage to the carpet, leaving it clean and fresh.

Two different methods can be used - a dry cleaning method or a wet cleaning method. The wet method must first liquefy and dissolve the dirt in order to remove it. The dry method uses sponges, not unlike the sponge you may use in your kitchen to clean up surfaces. When the sponge gets passed over the surface it releases the cleaning agent and with the next pass, the sponge collects all the liquid which includes the dirt and the soil.

The Spotless Team 's well trained carpet cleaning specialists will assist you in determining what would be the best option for your carpets and see to it that the job is completed to world class standards, leaving those carpets clean and fresh, adding value and appeal back into your home or office.