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Gutter Cleaning

It's inevitable that at some stage the gutters and downpipes of your home will become blocked if not maintained regularly, filling up with dead leaves, small branches and even in some cases sand. Don't let this jeopardise the validity of your home insurance. 



Using not only the latest in gutter cleaning technology but cameras as well as ladders if for some reason the gutter vac cannot reach, our simple yet super effective 3 step system will ensure that this does not happen.


To determine the extent of the problem, a full inspection will be done of all the gutters and downpipes, before any attempt at cleaning is made. In this way, both you , the home owner and the technician from Spotless Team, will know exactly what is needed from the word go.


The cleaning will then commence armed with the knowledge gained from the inspection, ensuring that only the work that is needed, is performed. Our highly trained team will ensure that those gutter and downpipes are in pristine condition making sure that your investment is protected. 


Once the job has been completed - a full report of exactly what work was performed and the "before" and "after" condition of your gutters shown in photographs will be provided for your peace of mind. In addition our team will provide you with some tips and ideas how to maintain an optimal level of cleanliness for your gutters.



Minor Gutter Repair


Gutters are a valuable component of the roofing system of your home. When it fails it creates some truly big problems for any home owner.

We send a team of gutter experts to your home that can repair any faults with the right equipment and tools, returning your gutters into a failsafe system that can deal with any challenge.

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