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Natural ways to curb household pests

So what does common sense dictate

  • Keep all kitchen surfaces as spotless as possible and make sure that all family members know to clean up after themselves.
  • Transfer everything to pest-proof storage containers. Many times these pests come home with us from the grocery stores and will start an immediate invasion into your home.
  • Only buy enough items that you can use up quickly. Don't be tempted to buy more than you can use up in the indicated "best by" timeframe stamped on your products.
  • Cleaning out pantries and storage cupboards regularly help control the pest problem. Use a few drops of oil of cloves in your washing water to discourage the pests.
  • Scatter bay leaves or cloves on cupboard shelves or tape them to the inside of the container lids.
  •  Use sticky traps, baits and fly swats. They are only harmful to the pests that get caught in them and are eco-friendly.
  • Do the washing up every night before going to bed - don't leave dirty dishes lying around.
  • Keep the kitchen garbage bin firmly covered and clean it out regularly.
  • Seal up gaps in walls, around pipes and between skirting boards to prevent pests getting in and breeding.

natural Alternatives to pesticides

  • Place pots of pest-repellent herbs such as mint, pennyroyal, rue or tansy or dried bunches of these herbs, near trouble spots.
  • Wipe windowsills with oil of cloves or eucalyptus oil to discourage ants - they dislike these strong odors.
  • Dust cracks in cupboards with diatomaceous earth. Use food grade, not pool grade which may irritate your lungs.
  • Use a heat gun to flush out cockroaches. This burns their wings and they die later.
  • Cut the ends off cucumbers and place them  in cupboards - cockroaches don't like this at all.
  • Smear the inside of a glass jar with oil and half fill it with beer - the cockroaches can get in but cannot get out.


I'm sure that there are many more such natural remedies out there, do your research, visit second hand book shops and libraries for the older books and help the planet. The more people that make an effort to switch to these natural alternatives, the better our chances of improving life for all.

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