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How to save more money by having a home maintenance plan

We can all agree that the purchase of a home is probably the single biggest investment many people will make in their lives. 

Just like with a car, a home needs regular maintenance to remain in the best condition possible and deliver value on the original investment, increasing it every day.

Without regular maintenance and care - that is never going to happen. There are so many things that need to be looked at and checked in most homes that sometimes some of the critical stuff is forgotten. This is why a home maintenance plan makes great sense for any home owner to protect the future of their investment.

One of the biggest benefits of having a home maintenance plan is the both in the long term and the short term is that it can definitely save you money.

  • Money lost due to expensive repairs that could have been prevented
  • Money lost due to home insurance lapsing as a result of neglect and the value of the home dropping substantially
  • Money lost due to not knowing the structural condition of your home, especially if it's an older "period" type home, etc, etc

In our busy schedules today, with limited time at our disposal critical home maintenance is forgotten or just not achieved. Please don't misunderstand, in most cases it's not the major things that create the headaches, but it's the smaller things that build up into a major expense if they are not seen to regularly.

The value of the home maintenance plan is that you will, at any given time, have an exact idea of what is needed, when. Normally it will be divided into seasons as in each one, there are very specific things that need to be looked at. 

With period type homes, there are requirements and regulations from heritage organisations that need to be adhered to in terms of the building upkeep. Not complying with these requirements can develop into a major headache in the long run.

The other added value of having a home maintenance plan is that if you have kept accurate records over the years, when it comes to the time that you may want to sell your home, you have added leverage with potential buyers, to get you price, as you can back up everything that has been done.

With a home maintenance plan you can also ascertain if you are confident enough in your own skills to perform some of the repairs/maintenance yourself or if you would rather get in a professional. This also saves money, whichever way the coin falls. If you do it yourself, then you save the costs of the professional and if you get i a professional, you are saving the money wasted if you did the job yourself and messed it up.

With a home maintenance plan you can be pro-active and ensure that you perform regular maintenance on your home to ensure that you keep future costs in major repairs to a minimum. When considering selling your home, the home maintenance plan will assist you in not getting any unforeseen surprises about repairs that need to be done. 

Lastly, with a home maintenance plan you can schedule and budget any major costs in repairs as you have the long term view ready at a glance. 

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