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6 Tips to de-clutter your home effectively

Let's face it, most people have "stuff" lying around in in their homes that they either don't use, need or want anymore.

I'm sure that if you are reading this, you are thinking about exactly what you have that takes up space in your home.

Removing excess, unwanted "stuff' from your life has a beneficial effect not only emotionally but also physically.

Whichever way you look at it, in recent studies done, it has been proven that the mess causes stress, so why do that to yourself? For many people, facing the task of removing the clutter and getting rid of the excess is like asking them to climb Mount Everest - something they could/would never do.

It needn't be such a huge issue. Decide that you need to remove this stress from your home and ultimately your life and then take action.

 Here are 6 tips to easily and effectively declutter your home...

Set a goal and stick to it 

Like with anything in life, you need to have a goal, a plan and then stick to it. One of the best ways to approach this whole process is to do it in chunks or divide the house into its spaces. Tackle each space individually. Don't try and do it all at once and become overwhelmed with what actually needs to be done. Be kind to yourself and set a realistic goal by when you want this completed. Then start ...

Let go of things with sentimental value

This for many people is the greatest source of their clutter. You will find this many times with the older generation as they were taught that you needed to appreciate everything you were given and it was an insult or slap in the face to get rid of something you were given. 

In today's smaller type accommodation one cannot afford to take up large amounts of space for this type of "stuff", so sort through everything you have that falls within this category and see what can be re-used, repurposed by others, what can be of use to others (family etc), what you absolutely must keep and then chuck the rest away - get rid of it.

Once you have done this in one room, you will find it gets easier with each subsequent space.

Just because you paid good money for it doesn't mean you need to keep it

Do you have things in your home that were bought and no longer have any purpose, that you don't or cannot use or heaven forbid that you cannot remember why you bought it in the first place? 

If so, then identify those items, sort them into categories - gift to others, donate to charities or institutions that can make use of them, sell them on ebay or 2nd hand stores, have a garage sale etc... 

Are you a "Keep , just in case" type person and in case never happens?

This type of thinking you will definitely find in older generations where they grew up in periods of "lack" and were taught to hold on to "stuff" in case it was needed some time in the future. Sometimes in was even the overflow from teachings of two previous generations.

Yes, sometimes there is a place for this type of thinking, but then once needs to be very strict and logical when deciding what you will keep and what can go. 

Develop the art of share and borrow when needed

Instead of buying new stuff and adding to the pile, to the clutter, develop the art of share and borrow. You will find that many other people you know would be willing to share what they have if they in turn could borrow from you or you borrow from others. Everybody does not need everything themselves.

Having less is is actually having more

And lastly, less is sometimes more. The feeling of "fear of loss" of not having something, can definitely be triumphed by knowing that you home is clutter free and that there are other ways that you can access the item you need or want without building up the clutter again.

The weight that lifts off your shoulders when you start clearing your spaces is undeniable and so powerful. Get it done today.

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