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Don't let your home make you ill - 5 steps to make your home germ and allergy free

With today's busy lifestyles it's little wonder that some of the essential things we should be doing sometimes get neglected. 

Cleaning your home is one of those things, unfortunately. A clean home is a pleasure to live in and its crucial for our wellbeing, both from a health and emotional perspective.

Your personal space should contribute to your wellbeing and not be making you ill.

Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule keeps dirt under control and moulds and allergy producing substance in check. It does not always have to be a major "spring" type clean but every little clean helps you catch dust and spills before they become a major headache.

Here are 5 steps that will keep your home germ and allergy-free ..

Work out a minimum cleaning routine, preferably weekly

You know your home better than anyone else. Even if you employ a service to come in once a week, make it clear that these are the minimum items/actions that you would like to be included. If you are a DIY cleaner, then even if you are very busy at least you know you have covered the basics.  Here is an example of a basic weekly routine that would suit most homes irrespective of size:

  • Vacuum/sweep/mop and dust rooms
  • Clean stove and grill pan
  • Wipe over kitchen cupboards and fridge/freezer
  • Wash and disinfect all bins
  • Clean toilet and wipe down bathroom basin/bath and shower
  • Shake out doormats and loose carpets
  • Sweep entrances and outside living areas

Initiate a shoe free policy in the household

This will prevent oil, dirt and other substances from being tracked throughout your home. Provide a shoe rack at the door and a chair nearby to encourage people to oblige. Added benefit of this is that you will prolong the life of your floors.

Don't reach for the strongest chemical cleaner - instead look for an environmentally friendly alternative

It's a known fact that many harsh chemicals linger in your home and can be problematic for somebody with allergies. The smallest thing in the air or on a surface somewhere can trigger an allergic reaction. The frequent use of household cleaning chemicals can cause asthma attacks and breathing difficulties.

Use microfiber cloths - Due to the composition of the fibres in these synthetically produced cloths, it has been proven that they have a better capacity to pick up grime and dust and have a higher absorption rate than natural cloths or other rags. This aids in increasing the sanitisation levels within your home very easily

Using a green product has the benefit of making you feel good because you are doing your bit to safeguard the planet and they are just as effective as the chemicals and people friendly to boot.

Open windows and doors whenever possible

Opening windows and doors to let the air in also helps in removing stale air and cleaning out germs hanging in the area. Try and do this whenever the weather allows especially during the winter when we tend to keep doors and windows closed. Even a short period of fresh air will go a long way in refreshing your home, safeguarding you and your family.

Use Plants to filter out toxins in your home

It may come as a surprise but studies have found that the air inside your home may be two to three times more polluted than the air outside. Eliminating the sources of that pollution and opening up those doors and windows are some of the ways that you could improve the quality of the air but the use of indoor plants can help in major way. Plants like Devils Ivy, Kentia Palm, Dracaena etc are proven performers.

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