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Having a "green" dinner party? Here are 5 ways to make it special

#1 - A natural Venue will make a great impression

Now, don't get all stressed, we are not suggesting you hire a venue for this party but rather decide to use what natural lighting you have available at home supplemented with candles and lanterns. If you have an outside space like a roof garden or patio and weather permits, even better.

Wooden chairs, tables and benches make for excellent seating. Using hemp or 100% cotton tablecloths will add to the already natural setting. Put on your eco thinking cap and make it as eco-friendly as you can without breaking the bank.

 #2 - An online invite saves precious resources

We know that your focus is being eco-friendly, so what better way than inviting friends and family online? You save on paper and money and reduce your carbon footprint. Not knowing if your invitees will recycle your handwritten paper invites, makes online the obvious choice. Using a site like evite.com gives you a wide variety of choices and they send out millions on invites monthly.

#3 - Centrepieces from the outdoors make for conversation

This is where you can really get creative and impress your guests. A few dried branches picked up outside displayed in a glass vase filled with sand will hit the right note. or, spread pine cones with pine needles in the centre of the table and be surrounded with the smell of nature all evening. If you don't have access to those sorts of items, even fruit and vegies displayed in a nice glass plate or bowl, will add to your green feel.

#4 - Use table settings that are old or borrowed

To further enhance your green theme, use mismatched old china and cutlery on the table, or even better, make a meal that can only be eaten with your fingers - but only if you believe your guests will be game. Borrow from friends or scan thrift shops for interesting finds. Emphasize the recycle concept in giving each of your dinner invitees a different glass for their beverages. This alone will spark some interesting conversations.

#5 - Don't let leftovers go to waste

In most cases with well planned dinner parties, there are going to be leftovers as there is always too much food. We obviously never want our guests to leave hungry...

Ask your guests to bring along take-home containers or once everybody has left, dish up what's left over and take it to a homeless shelter or share with the elderly in your street the next day. If you don't have any of those options close by, then make sure that the relevant leftovers get added into the compost heap.

Its estimated that about 25% of all meals prepared worldwide find their way into the trash. The decomposition of this food and other waste under anaerobic conditions in those landfills produce methane gas which is 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide, so let's find other ways to get rid of the leftovers and possibly save a life.

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