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Quality Standards

Like with any world class service organisation Spotless Team have developed a set of Quality Standards to which we adhere for your peace of mind and our pride in our performance. They have been developed according the highest of our industry standards and form the foundation from which we operate.




Every person today knows how crucial it is to look after our planet and its resources for future generations. That being said, Spotless Team has committed to being responsible for our waste management and strive to reduce the impact that our services have on the environment as far as possible, putting standard operating procedures and policies in place to ensure that our team adheres to the required standards.


Health and Safety

From a Health and Safety perspective, Spotless Team take a very strong stance to ensure the health and safety of not only their team, but the public at large. All our methods of operation are structured to ensure that the team remains safe and that all around them can rest assured that they are also being look after.  Regular training in the latest regulations, methods of operation and safety standards are what ensures that Spotless Team stays on top of this crucial part of business today.



The services Spotless Team perform revolve around you, your biggest asset and the health and cleanliness of both. Keeping that in mind, our quality standards have been developed to the highest levels of excellence and industry best practise guidelines, assuring you of the best service possible.



As much as we all want to believe that our possessions and assets are safe in the hands of others, we at Spotless Team understand your concerns and worries. To ensure the peace of mind of our customers, Spotless Team takes every precaution necessary to ensure that your biggest asset is safe in the hands of our team, by carefully vetting each member of the team, having total transparency in our policies and procedures as well as keeping your confidential information safe from unauthorised access.


Key Holder

Linked to the standard above (Security) we understand that there are times when we are entrusted with the responsibility of  having keys and passwords to gain access into properties and businesses. As such we have developed a world class policy and procedure with limited access by all that ensure that only the authorised individuals gain access to your property. This policy and procedure is available at any time for your perusal.