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Special Offers

To further add value to you, our customer, this page is dedicated to presenting you with special offers that will save you even more money than ever before, further enhancing our commitment to delivering a superb cleaning service with care.

Spring Carpet Cleaning Special Offer 2019

This time of the year we spend most of our time indoors. Even regularly cleaned carpets trap a lot of dirt. By cleaning your carpets, we can improve indoor air quality, extend the life of carpeting, remove allergens and bacteria. And of course, it simply feels good to have clean carpets! :) Read more about carpet cleaning here. Book your carpet cleaning in February 2019 and you can get a discount voucher.
See all our special offers here:

£15 discount voucher* if you spend over £150 on carpet cleaning

£10 discount voucher* if you spend over £100 on carpet cleaning

£5 discount voucher* if you spend over £5 on carpet cleaning

* The balance of your discount voucher will be credited to your account after the carpet cleaning is completed and paid. This balance can be used towards any of our services until the end of 2019.

Referral offer

Refer a friend or neighbour and if they try any of our services you will receive £5 credit after EACH new, successful recommendation (it will be deducted from your next bill). NO minimum spend and no contract comitment required! You can only win with this ongoing offer, so why not to spread the word? Make sure they mention your name and address, so we can add your credit! 

If your fiend or neighbour signs up to a regular window cleaning service (with monthly or 2 monthly frequency) you will get an extra £5 credit!