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Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning

We employ a pure water fed pole method as we believe it the safest and most efficient way of cleaning windows.

This relatively new method of window cleaning has revolutionised the cleaning industry as its many benefits far outweigh other cleaning methods. By using 100% pure laboratory graded water pumped through carbon fibre telescopic poles, we are able to access and clean windows to heights in excess of 65 feet, as well as clean windows which would otherwise be difficult to reach. Due to the impurities being removed we do not need to squeegee the windows, simply rinsing the glass after brushing leaves an excellent streak-free finish

Pure water

Tap water contains impurities such as lime scale, calcium, phosphates, nitrates, sodium, potassium and chloride. Pure water for window cleaning is produced by purifying tap water with a specialised 6 stage water purifying equipment until all of the impurities have been removed.

Advantages of Water Fed Pole System

  • Eco-friendly – There are no detergents used, only pure water.
  • Superior window cleaning results – Using this method cleans not only the windows, but the frames and sills as well.
  • Health and Safety working at height regulations are met – Windows can be in difficult to reach areas, but most can be reached from ground level with the telescopic poles.
  • Reduced risk of damage to property – By using water fed pole system, ladders do not have to be propped against your guttering, removing the potential for damage. Conservatory roofs and atriums can also be cleaned safely from the ground.
  • Privacy maintained and less disturbance – Operatives remain on the ground whilst cleaning upper storey windows.